The towns of Wellfleet, Truro, & Provincetown have been working in conjunction with the Cape Cod Commission and The Cape Cod National Seashore on developing a bicycle & pedestrian master plan for Outer Cape Cod over the last few years. The goal is to address some of the safety concerns and to make the Outer Cape more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. If there a particular intersection or location that you have concerns about, or if you have potential objections, let them know. The plan is open to public comments until 11/24/2014.

Wellfleet-Crashes-involving-bicycles-&-pedestriansAbove is a map of accidents where pedestrians or bicycles were involved in the last year.


These are the existing and proposed bicycle and pedestrian routes for Cape Cod.  The green routes are routes that currently exist, red is for routes that have been approved, and orange are proposed routes. Comment on the Outer Cape Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan.

Additional Resources;

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