Every time of year has its own cleaning challenges. Here are some tips to help you keep up with your house this winter. Of course, if you live in our area, you can always call The Furies Cape Cod Cleaning Service to help you out!

Some common winter cleaning issues:

  • The house is closed up to keep the heat in and the cold out. The air inside is very dry and televisions emit static electricity, which collects dust like a magnet:  Use a dryer sheet to dust everything from televisions to mantles. The anti-cling effect will help with the static electricity and will repel the dust in the future. For cleaning the tv screen make sure to follow the manufacturer’s specifications, do not use window cleaners as these can damage the screen.
  • You or a guest spilled something on your carpet and now you have a stubborn stain: Mix together 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar. Spray that onto the stain and lay a damp rag over the top. Press the rag with a medium hot iron, repeat as necessary. Stubbern stains or carpets looking a little worse for wear consider Steam Cleaning.
  • The tile floor that you love is merciless when you drop a glass and you don’t want to take out the vacuum cleaner while your guests are there: Well you should really just use your vacuum to be safe your guests will be more than understanding. Your other option is to take a piece of soft bread and press it over the area where the glass shards are. You can follow that with a piece of damp newspaper.
  • The oven got used a lot and the now needs a good scrubbing: Put a bowl with ½ cup of ammonia on a shelf in a cold oven and leave it overnight.  The next morning you can wipe it clean without too much elbow-grease.
  • The children’s shoes and boots are all wet! Stuff crumpled up newspaper into them to help absorb the water.   You can also fill an old sock with uncooked rice and tie off the top to create a shoe-stuffer that will absorb the dampness and make sure to leave them somewhere with good air circulation.
  • Last but not least, be sure to invest in good walk-off mats to put inside each entry door and a welcome mat outside. Our favorites are ones that continue to look good to eye even after it has captured a lot of debris.


Also if the holidays are over and you decide to close your Cape Cod house until the weather gets warmer, or plan on using it less often, let The Furies help you out with a closing clean.

     Closing cleanings do not take as long as spring cleanings do since it makes little sense to dust if a house is going to sit unused for months. The focus of a closing cleaning is to prepare a house to be unoccupied for a while. So take a look at our Fall Cleaning Checklists, fill out the side that best suits your needs, and send it back to us. The side titled “Fall Cleaning” is intended to be used if you are planning on using your house during the off-season.  The side titled “Closing Clean” is for a house that is not going to be used during the off-season.

Fall & Closing Cleaning Checklists

     Before we know it, spring will be here! So here’s our Spring cleaning checklist. If you rent your house out, remember that we carry a full range of mattress pads, standard sized pillows, and pillow protectors so we can easily refresh your bedrooms during your spring cleaning.

       The Furies Cleaning Service offers a full line of Cape Cod cleaning services throughout the year. Cleaning services are available during the weekday in Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown. Cleanings should be booked at least 72 hours ahead of time. A week or more is preferred, but don’t hesitate to call we just might fit you in!

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