Looking for something for the bibliophile in you life? Here are two great books that have Wellfleet as a setting. Both of these books are written by members of Sarah Paine Curley’s (owner of The Furies) family. The Paine’s family history on Cape Cod dates back into the 1600s.

The year is 1886 and the Cape Cod village of South Wellfleet was an interesting yet difficult place to live. This book will transport the reader back in time to the Cape Cod of the late nineteenth century-a period of great social and economic upheaval. The novel will draw you firmly into the challenging lives of real people, and their story will remain with you long after you’ve finished reading. If you love the history of Wellfleet or know someone who does, this book will surely captivate the imagination. You can visit evaandhenry.com for photographs and more information about the time period, location, and the characters. Here is a review from Goodreads.

Hello!  Author Jim Wolf here, or. . . you may know me as Storyteller Jim Wolf. I’ve had the pleasure of telling stories to hundreds of Cape Cod audiences, and you know what happens to stories that are told. They evaporate into thin air as soon as they are heard! But this story refused to do that.  Maybe YOU are one of the audience members who declared this Cape Cod tall tale is a story not to be forgotten. And so, thanks to your persistent requests, it won’t be.  As of now, November, 2014, this eBook is available on Amazon, fully illustrated by one of Cape Cod’s talented artists, Anne Rosen.