Greetings from Cape Cod!
 Rock Harbor, Orleans, Cape Cod, Birds on Pilings
     Welcome to the winter season! We hope you get a chance to enjoy Cape Cod during this magical time of year. The familiar trails have a different appearance now, especially if we are treated to some snowfall. We found last winter that the places we know well take on an entirely different look when we donned snowshoes instead of the usual hiking shoes.
     Every year we look for ways to improve our performance. In the coming months we will be utilizing new technology to enhance our services & responsiveness. Our goal, as always, is to continue to provide you with the high-quality services that we take pride in.
     Instead of sending greeting cards this year, The Furies donated funds to the Lower Cape Outreach CouncilThe Wellfleet Food Pantry, and Cape Cod Wild Care.
We are grateful for your continued support and happy to be of service year round,
Sarah Curley & The Furies Team