Cherry trees in Orleans at the intersection of Orleans Rd (Rt 28) and Main Street, in front of the Orleans United Methodist Church

Spring is one of our favorite seasons on Cape Cod.  The vibrant colors of spring foliage is a wonderful contrast to the stark tones of the winter. Look colors! Spring foliage has an impressive display of colors from verdant greens, to bright pinks & yellows, to brilliant whites.  Cherry trees produce massive bouquets of pink flowers, maples produce vibrant greens, and current trees & beach plums bloom with tiny white flowers along the shore line. This display only lasts for few weeks so make sure to savoir it while it is here. So get out there and take drive or better yet a walk! Orleans in particular has so many cherry trees that when they drop their petals they cover the roadways of Orleans center in fine pink confetti.


Snow Library in Orleans has some fantastic landscaping.


The section of the Cape Cod Rail Trail that runs though Orleans Center is a particular treat in Spring!

Eastham also has some very impressive cherry trees.

Eastham also has a number of cherry trees. This particularly impressive one is next to the Eastham Windmill Green.

Closeup of Cherry Blossoms, Eastham, Cape-Cod, MA

Cherry blossoms.


All of the blooming trees and shrubs are an important food source for bees early in the spring.


Current trees bloom with a small white flowers.

A Blossoming Beach Plum Bush.

Beach plums also bloom with brilliant white flowers. Both current trees and beach plums are found throughout Cape Cod, commonly sandy areas.

Wellfleet Main Street, Spring Foliage

Main Street in Wellfleet

Maple Trees, Main St, Wellfleet

Maple trees lining Main Street in Wellfleet.