Lately, we have been testing new vacuums to replace our existing fleet. We use only Miele vacuums because they have a great filtration system and are very capable vacuums overall.  Generally, they update their product line every couple of years.  As a result, the vacuum models that we have are no longer available, so we have to test a number of new vacuums and see which ones work best for our customers and for us. The latest model that we are testing is the Miele Olympus. It is a “compact” canister vacuum with a large capacity super filtration bag.  Having a large bag is a big plus for us because it will reduce the amount of money that we spend on vacuum bags and also allows the vacuum to be run longer between bag changes. The Olympus is also a little smaller and lighter than our current vacuums, which will make it easier on our crews.  However, the vacuum has two design features that we don’t like. One is that the Miele’s tools are stored via a clip-on unit on the exterior of the hose that can be dislodged with a good bump rather than in an interior storage as in their older models. This increases the risk of some of the tools being lost and they are not inexpensive to replace.  Also, for some reason, Miele shortened the vacuum’s wand by about 6 inches, which puts a lot more strain on the back, especially for taller people. I have no idea why they decided to shorten the wands other than to cut their production costs.  It seems unusual for this company not to consider the ergonomics of using their otherwise amazing vacuum cleaners.