Well, it’s the end of another season here on Cape Cod.  We are down to our regular year-round staff members.   It’s always amazing to observe just how seasonal it is here on the Lower Cape.  Especially when compared with how busy it is in the summer, believe it or not we are already starting to gear back up for the summer of 2010, from looking at possible housing for our international employees, to building our summer schedule, and updating our website a project that was started last winter and largely put on hold mid-July.  This blog is part of that process, there will also be an online shopping cart which will enable greater flexibility for our linen rentals.

In other news yesterday was the Wellfleet Special Town Meeting.  I was surprised that it wasn’t more contentious.   Also it provided a glimpse into how the town government is currently being run, from the town providing a press release saying that since they were unable to prepare next year’s real estate taxes that they would be accepting “voluntary” payments, and one of the articles on the warrant was according to town officials changed three times prior to the meeting even to the point of being changed the night before.  On another note there is a Wellfleet Chamber of Commerce dinner on Monday, November 2nd at the Bookstore Restaurant.  I know that if i bring up next summer to most of those in attendance that they will give a little shutter like last year when we were trying to figure out staffing solutions, the truth is that the majority of them simply flick the off switch this time a year and then late next spring they are all scrambling wondering how they will get everything ready in time.