Hurricane Irene

Wellfleet Breakwater during Hurricane Irene, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Wellfleet Breakwater during Hurricane Irene

            Hurricane Irene had a lesser impact than expected on Cape Cod.  Fewer trees than expected came down during the storm, but the ones that did were mature trees capable of causing damage to power lines and properties.  If you do not currently employ a caretaker, we are available to check on the condition of your property for a $45 fee.  As of Wednesday, there were still large numbers of homes and businesses in the Cape Cod area without power, including over 30% of Wellfleet and Orleans, and 25% of Eastham. Full power restoration is expected on Friday, September 2nd.  This means that some properties will have been without power for about six days.

             The loss of power for more than 30  hours means that any food left in a refrigerator has spoiled.  If you left for the storm or rent out your house, our crews are available to empty and clean your refrigerators and freezers.    The sooner these are taken care of the better. Be aware that we are not licensed or insured as a commercial trash hauler, so you would be responsible for the disposal of the refrigerator’s contents.  If you have a service that picks up your trash, we would be more than happy to try to coordinate with your pickup schedule.

             Another issue with the loss of power is that most properties depend on an on-site well. Without power, there no water, this means that dishes can not be done, and toilets can’t be flushed.  As always we are ready to give a hand to put these houses back in order.

          The strong winds from the Hurricane Irene stripped fresh leaves off the trees and lofted a significant amount of salt spray into the air.  Irene was mostly a dry hurricane on the Cape so windows, sliders, and skylights now have a film of salt and sap over the glass. Below is an example of the film left behind on the glass panes.   If you would like your windows to be cleaned we are booking window cleaning two weeks out, so call soon to be put on our schedule.

Fall Cleaning

            Fall Cleaning, Film on WindowsSummer is rapidly coming to a close, and it is time to start thinking about getting your house ready for the winter. A house that has been properly closed for the season takes less time to clean in the spring. A closing clean also reduces the chances of assorted pest infestations, mold, and mildew, prolong the life of your property.

            We always recommend that you have your carpets, upholstery, and bedspreads cleaned in the fall. This gives any spots that may have accumulated over the summer less time to sit and stain; especially if there have been young children or animals in the house. Also, if your pillows or mattress pads are looking a little worse for the wear, we carry a full range of mattress pads, standard sized pillows, and pillow protectors, which we can deliver right to your doorstep saving you a trip.

            Remember The Furies Cleaning Service and Linen Rentals of Cape Cod are here year-round to service your needs in the off-season, whether you’re here with company, for the holidays, or just getting in a quick Cape-escape, we are here to give you a helping hand. We do have a smaller staff, though, so we like to have requests for cleaning about a week in advance, but don’t’ hesitate to call last minute; we just might be able to fit you in.  Additionally, our rental linens are available year round as well.

            So take a look at our Fall Cleaning Checklist, fill it out, and send it back to us at your convenience. You can mail it, fax it, or send it to us via email, whatever is best for you.

Around Town WHAT’s Happening

WHAT Harbor Stage and Sol Restaurant boarded in anticipation of Irene

WHAT Harbor Stage and Sol Restaurant boarded in anticipation of Irene

            The WHAT theater is aggressively expanding its year-round offerings.  While still committed as a playhouse, they are seeking to expand their line-up of indie and art films in the off-season.  They have also entered into a partnership with the Wellfleet Beachcomber, which closes on Monday, September 6th, to book some of the live acts that they showcase on one of the theater’s stages.  It will be great to have a larger scope of cultural events in Wellfleet for the year-round community of the Outer Cape.

           The significant events that close out the summer are coming up soon.  Eastham’s Windmill Weekend is September 9th-11th, Truro Treasures is the following weekend September 16th to the 18th, and our personal favorite Wellfleet’s Oysterfest on October 15th and 16th.  So take a look around town and enjoy the fall.