Hurricane earl is rapidly approaching.  We strongly urge anyone who has not been through a similar situation to evacuate.  If you are evacuating it would be best to leave today.  In 1991 when hurricane Bob came there was an 11 mile backup at the bridges of people trying to get off the cape.  The shelters that are available are not large enough to handle much more than the year-round population of the area.  Also, there is a strong possibility for the loss of power.  In 1991 the outer cape was without power for weeks, this is especially important because of the area’s reliance on well water ie for many residences no power equals no water. So please if you are thinking about evacuating do so.  If you are staying make sure that you are prepared.  Fill your tubs with water on Friday also make sure that you have plenty of drinking water and put together a “Hurricane kit,” NOAA has one here and the city of Miami has a more extensive one here.