As we close down many of our customers’ houses for the season many of them ask us what we do at this time of year while there are noticeably fewer people around town, many stores and restaurants are now closed for the winter, the Lower Cape as a whole seems quiet and “shut off” but behind that quiet façade, we continue to keep busy.  We have our year round customers, of course, and lots of people come to visit the Cape and want us to clean before or after their arrival.  Thanksgiving on the Cape has become a family tradition for many people and our cleaning staff is always willing to help clean up after the big weekend.

During our shortened work day, now only 7 AM to 2 PM, we are busy rearranging our office space, expanding the area devoted to linen rentals and concentrating our cleaning operation into one space which will increase the efficiency of both services.  At the same time, our front office will be a little bit quieter, though we find that we miss the excited chatter in a variety of languages of the summer as all of the crews returned in the afternoon.

Have you visited the Cape this fall?  There are many great things about Cape Cod, and one nice thing about this time of year is that the pace slows down a lot, allowing one to take a breath and take things at your own pace.  There are usually a couple of days a week where the weather is very nice, it’s a great time for outdoor activities such as taking a bike ride on the Cape Cod Rail Trail or a walk on the beach to see what has washed up.  There are many interesting things still taking place around the town.  WHAT theater has the opera on Saturdays, live from the MET on their BIG screen.  Check out their calendar.  Also look at the Wellfleet Preservation Hall’s schedule of events at and the Wellfleet Library also hosts a number of interesting events seminars and talks as well.

We would like to say good-bye to Sam Cooks, the deli that is in the same building as we are.  He is going out of business.  West Waters from the Codders House also retired this past fall as well, so our building has an empty feel to it but we are here year round servicing the towns of Wellfleet, Eastham, Truro and Orleans, so if you need a hand around the house just give us a call at (508)- 349-1145.