2010 is knocking on the doorstep; it seems just like yesterday we were celebrating the start of the new millennium and here we are days away from being a decade in. Those ten years things have certainly changed for business and Cape Cod is no exception. Truthfully all the technology has provided us with a wide array of solutions or aids to our business. We have real time GPS tracking devices installed in our vehicles which prove a great tool to keep track of our cleaning teams and are also utilized to verify time spent at a location. The vehicles are also equipped with a separate GPS system to aid our drivers in navigation and are especially useful for our linen delivery operations. Our website has changed from being fairly basic to one that creates an alternative method of contacting us and allowing for linen rental orders to be placed online and soon will have a fully functioning shopping cart system to create a more flexible way for us to offer linens to our customers. The Internet has become increasingly important to our operations for everything from conversations with our clients to payroll, to lead generation. Now we’re left to wonder what the next decade will bring.