The Furies Linen Rentals & Cleaning Service of Cape Cod is proud to say that in the coming weeks a significant amount of new content will be added to our site.  Offering more detailed information on the services that we provide.  New pages for the cleaning service side of the site have been published with more additions on the way, and hopefully some features that will increase the online interactivity of the cleaning service.  There will be additions following the end of the summer season as well.  While we would like to add as many features as fast as possible, there is a limit to the amount we can change before we get busy.

The site’s information on linen rentals will also be expanded.  We are putting the finishing touches on a quick ordering system which will be up within the next couple of weeks.  This will streamline the initial ordering process while still allowing you to customize your order to include any of the products we offer through our online linen rental store.  We are also looking at ways to speed up the current store as individual pages take longer than they should to load.   As these features come online, we will announce them.  As always we appreciate any and all feedback and try to make changes to further our customer’s experiences with The Furies.