Today is an exciting day for us; our first J1 students arrived last night. We are concerned about the possibility of travel disruptions due to the ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland. Truthfully it’s been a little stressful for us. It is a definite sign of the coming summer season when our first international students arrived, that and the indescribably good weather that we have been having as of late. They say April showers bring may flowers, this year though the early flowers have already passed and the cherry trees are already blooming. To put it one way this year’s April and May so far blows away last years June. In other news, work has been progressing on the new Dunkin Donuts that will be next to our offices. Let’s just say the contractors are annoying everyone else in the building, and it seems like we are cleaning up after them every afternoon after they leave, whether it’s Dunkin Donuts cups that they’ve thrown out into the parking lot or smoking in the building’s bathrooms.