The dune at Ballston beach in Truro that separates the Pamet from the Atlantic Ocean was breached during the winter storm Juno. This is the second time in two years the barrier dune has been breached at this site. This is the Ballston Beach parking lot, it has been almost completely covered in sand from the dune. The Atlantic Ocean is clearly visible from the lot as the barrier dune has been completely blown out.  The breach in the dune is approximately two hundred feet wide.  All of these photos were taken around noon on 1/28/2015 at low tide at high tide the site is inaccessible without trespassing as it will flood again anytime there is heavy seas at high tide until the breach has been closed.  

This line of vegetation marks the edge of the Ballston beach parking lot facing the Pamet. You can see the amount of sand that was deposited on the lot and on the marsh behind the lot.

Ballston-Beach-Breach,-Truro,-Cape-Cod,-MA,-2015-Storm-Juno DuneThis was taken from about the middle of the breach looking south and shows a good cross section the dune.  

The Breach.



Ballston-Beach-Birds,-Truro,-Cape-Cod,-MA,-2015-Storm-Juno Ballston-Beach-Breach,-Truro,-Cape-Cod,-MA,-2015-Storm-Juno7

The barrier dune has been completely erased, and is much wider than it was 2013.


While we were at Ballston beach a news helicopter arrived so there should be some aerial footage of the breach tonight.  Ballston-Beach-Breach,-Truro,-Cape-Cod,-MA,-2015-Storm-Juno9


The sand has been deposited in a wide fan like area which is a typical pattern.  The sand was laid down over the parking lot at the freshwater marsh.  This happened in 2013 as well.

Ballston-Beach-Breach,Flooded-Pamet-Truro,-Cape-Cod,-MA,-2015-Storm-Juno Ballston-Beach-Breach,-Truro,-Cape-Cod,-MA,-2015-Storm-Juno11 Ballston-Beach-Breach,-Truro,-Cape-Cod,-MA,-2015-Storm-Juno12 Ballston-Beach-Breach,-Truro,-Cape-Cod,-MA,-2015-Storm-Juno13 Ballston-Beach-Breach,Parking-Lot-Truro,-Cape-Cod,-MA,-2015-Storm-Juno

This is the parking lot at the beach.  What is interesting about this photo and the following one is that they clearly show the highwater mark because of the icing on the vegetation. It is very clear that at high tide this whole area was and will be under a couple feet of water.

Ballston-Beach-Breach,High-Water-Mark-Truro,-Cape-Cod,-MA,-2015-Storm-Juno Ballston-Beach-Breach,House-Truro,-Cape-Cod,-MA,-2015-Storm-Juno