The end of the Cape Cod’s summer season is the perfect time to give a house a little extra attention. Here at The Furies Cleaning Service, we always recommend having your carpets, upholstery, and linens cleaned in the fall. This gives spots less time to sit and set into a stain & is especially helpful if there have been young children or animals in the house over the summer.

We offer two types of Cape Cod fall cleanings, one for houses that will be used throughout Cape Cod’s off-season and one for houses that will not be in use. Click here for our Fall & Closing Cleaning Checklists. The side titled “Fall Cleaning” is intended to be used for houses in use during the off-season. The side titled “Closing Clean” is for a house that is not going to be used during the off-season. So take a look at our Cleaning Checklists, fill out the side best suited to your needs, and send it back to us. Find out more about seasonal cleanings from The Furies Cleaning Service.

As always, we are here year-round to service your needs in the off-season.  We do have a smaller staff and it best to have your requests for cleaning made about a week in advance, but don’t hesitate to call last minute.  We just might be able to take care of you!