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For years, homeowners have relied on The Furies’ Cape Cod Changeover Cleaning Services to help keep their vacation rental properties clean and fresh for the summer season. These services are typically scheduled between tenants (10am to 4pm) on either Saturday or Sunday in Brewster, Harwich, Chatham, Orleans, Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown. Mid-week changeovers can also be accommodated.

Our goal is to have your last tenant of the Cape Cod rental season walk into a house that is just as clean as it was for your first tenant. We require all of our changeover customers to have an in-depth spring cleaning to get the home ready for the vacation rental season. This can be performed by The Furies at your convenience. Spring Cleaning Services are charged by the man-hour plus any additional subcontractor fees for Specialty Cleaning Services requested. Be sure to review our Cleaning Service Policies and Cleaning FAQs before calling as it will help answer many of your potential questions. Contact us by email or call us at (508) 349-1145 today for more information.

Following is a list of our Cape Cod Changeover House Cleaning Services

Cleaning throughout the house:

• De-cobweb high places and corners
• Dust ceiling fans (pending height restrictions)
• Wipe windowsills, baseboards, heat registers
• Dust blinds
• Wipe light switches and woodwork as needed
• Dust picture frames
• Dust furniture and other flat surfaces
• Clean mirrors, shine any other glass
• Wipe tops of light bulbs, clean lamps and lampshades
• Empty trash and clean trash cans
• Complete a general straightening throughout
• Vacuum rugs and carpets (including underneath edges of rugs)
• Vacuum all upholstered furniture
• Vacuum under couch cushions
• Vacuum, mop, and towel dry the floors
• Straighten and plump cushions and pillows
• Wipe out window wells as needed
• Shut off all interior lights*
• Close and lock all windows and doors*
• Put blinds at the same height*


• Dust all furniture
• Vacuum inside closets
• Vacuum under the bed(s)
• Check and vacuum inside dresser drawers*
• Make beds look nice, plump and fluffed*

Tasks Outside:

• Pick up any bits of trash on the ground or in the driveway*
• Wipe deck furniture, sweep porches, clean entry doors and steps*
• Wash exterior trash barrels periodically if empty*


• Clean all appliance exteriors (including microwaves and toaster ovens)
• Clean interior and exterior of oven, toaster oven, microwave and toaster
• Disinfect countertops and backsplash
• Shine all faucets
• Clean the inside of the dishwasher door*
• Make sure dishwasher was run, and if not, start it*
• Empty and clean the refrigerator and freezer, removing all food and any condiments*
• Remove open boxes of food from the cabinets, such as cereal or crackers*
• Check silverware drawers and remove crumbs*
• Wipe cabinet fronts
• Clean tables and chairs
• Wash out kitchen trash can and put a clean white liner in it*
• Check Coffee makers for grinds and wash pot if needed*
• Wash windows over the kitchen sink


• Remove used bar soap, shampoo, razors or other items left behind (outside shower included)*
• Scrub, disinfect and shine tub and shower surrounds or tiles
• Disinfect toilets inside and out, as well as adjacent walls
• Clean exposed vanity lights
• Clean mirrors
• Disinfect vanity tops and backsplash
• Clean inside medicine cabinet & vanity drawers*
• Scrub and disinfect sinks
• Wipe cabinet fronts
• Shine chrome fixtures
• Make sure there is toilet paper*

*Additional tasks only performed during a Changeover Cleaning.

Important Notes about our Changeover Cleaning Services

In addition to our standard Cape Cod Cleaning Service Policies, the following polices also apply for Changeover Cleaning Services:

  • Scheduling – You must complete and sign our Changeover Agreement which includes a calendar of cleaning dates. We must have your dates by the beginning of April. Repeat customers are scheduled first. New customers’ dates are then filled in as available on a first come, first serve basis and depending on which changeover route your Cape Cod vacation home is located. We have several different changeover routes and will do our best to accommodate your dates. Please contact us by phone at (508) 349-1145 to check availability.
  • Changes/Cancellations – All changes to your changeover cleaning schedule must be made by phone or email. There is a $50.00 fee for each July or August date that is changed or cancelled after June 1st. Cancellations or changes for all July or August changeovers must be made at least 1 week in advance or you will be charged your regular changeover rate.
  • Tenant Late Check-outs/Early ArrivalsOur cleaning teams cannot enter a house until the tenants have left. If your tenants are still on your property beyond the check-out time, a late check-out fee is applied to your bill. If a new tenant moves into the house prior to your check-in time, we have to ask the tenants for permission to clean. In some instances the house may not be cleaned and the total changeover cleaning rate will still be charged. If there is a car on your property, we will assume that the tenant is still there and we will not approach the house. Please notify us in advance if there will be a car at your property on changeover day so our team can efficiently take care of your property.
  • If your home is left in poor condition – We will immediately contact the homeowner, rental agency or designated property manager to report the condition of the home. We will request that the incoming tenant be delayed, as additional time will be needed to properly prepare the house for the next tenants. Your standard rate will not apply to this cleaning. Anything that is additional to your usual changeover cleaning will be charged by the hour.
  • Linens – Due to time constraints we do not launder linens. However, you can refer your tenants to our convenient Cape Cod Linen Rental Service, which is also available to homeowners who would like to offer their Cape Cod vacationers extra amenities.
  • PaymentsThe Furies requires an approximate 50% deposit due on June 1st and the 50% balance due on July 15th. If any money is due to either the homeowner or The Furies, this sum is to be paid by September 15th if no further changeovers are scheduled.

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